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Thinking about changing your career? Attend our live webinar session and figure out if career as a Salesforce Admin, App Builder or Developer is right for you. 

The path to become a Salesforce professional with Utoit.


Learn the Salesforce Administration skills that will expose you configuration.


Learn Flow. The Salesforce #1 declarative automation tool.


Learn Git & GitHub. The #1 version control tool for developers.


Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and build strong foundation.


Start attending mentorship sessions and building your profile.


After trying Apex decide whether you want to pursue the Developer or Admin path.


Complete Admin or Developer projects in real environment, and ace mock interview.


Apply for jobs, pass interviews and land multiple job offers. 

Designed with you in mind

Zero to pro

Our program is designed for people with zero IT or coding background.

Flexible schedule

We offer flexible schedule so that you can keep your job while enrolled.

Expert instructors

Learn from the professional in the field with a teacher hart. 
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What our students are saying?

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I chose to attend the Utoit bootcamp because I was looking for a change and was seeking something that would be creative and also allow me to enter into a new career in IT. When I got a taste of Salesforce development, I was immediately inspired and driven to succeed. I could not have made it this far without Utoit Salesforce Bootcamp. I emerged from the bootcamp fully equipped to market as a Salesforce Developer. I am so grateful to the incredibly supportive instructors and members of Utoit who gave me the confidence and the tools I needed to succeed. My instructors were amazing and the experience at Utoit is something I would definitely recommend for those looking to make a change.
Fagan S.
I chose to attend the program because I felt stuck at my current job. I started to learn Salesforce basics, but was really struggling finding a structured approach to teaching myself the necessary information to land a job. I came across with Utoit and it turned out, the structure was exactly what I needed, This program taught me that I am more capable then I could have ever thought. It offered me the opportunity to learn alongside others who shared the same goal. Grinding through the curriculum with people who share a common goal and interest was such a great bonding experience, and really helped enrich my learning. I no longer tackle new technical problems with skepticism, but with a self-assurance that I will find the answers I’m looking for — eventually. The program and journey was amazing and would recommend it to everyone.
Josh b.
I decided to attend the Utoit Salesforce Bootcamp for a multitude of reasons – I wanted to challenge myself and continue growing, and heard good things about Utoit. I honestly didn’t know that I could study to be a Salesforce Admin, but I met another student who is got a job offer in the tech industry and he helped me reconsider. I wanted to see if I even liked it, so I began self-teaching through free and low-cost online resources, and Trailhead but felt like I was missing support and a structured curriculum. After getting encouragement from friends, I decided to join the bootcamp. At the bootcamp I gained a lot and learned a lot from our instructors and members. I recently got offered an Salesforce Admiin position with a company that I’m really excited about. I’m grateful for the journey throughout the bootcamp, and excited for what’s yet to come. 
Dee M.
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I chose to attend the program to open career opportunities that were otherwise unavailable to me. I was confronted with an incredibly steep learning curve given that I joined the boot camp without any programming experience. That said, it is possible to succeed without prior programming experience. I kept my motivation up by reminding myself that I joined the boot camp to make a positive change in my life, and I’m happy to report the decision to join the boot camp really paid off. I now have a better job, a solid entry into the tech industry, and a lot more confidence in myself. 
Tuba b.
I was looking to make a career change, and to finally pursue a longtime interest in IT. The bootcamp changed my life. From the first day of class something clicked – and I knew that Salesforce was what had been missing in my life. From that moment onward, I immersed myself in the world of CRM – and I haven’t looked back since. The curriculum, teaching staff, and career services team were awesome – and have more than prepared me for making this career change. All of this, along with the hard work I put in each day, has landed me a job at one of the leading companies in the country. I couldn’t be more excited to get my start in the industry. It genuinely has been the best decision I’ve made, both professionally and personally. Thank you!
abraham b.
I was on a self-taught route which was taking a rather long time. I figured that having input from an actual mentor and being in a classroom environment would propel me further to not only have learned more compared to self-taught but also in a shorter amount of time. It has impacted my life in a positive matter. The instructors at Utoit were absolutely incredible. We were all very collaborative and supportive of each other, which is super important for learning and growth. Being able to feel comfortable in your learning environment and being fearless on asking for help pushed me even further. This program has taught me not only Salesforce skills I wanted to have in my toolbox but also the positive/constructive mentality to be productive and to be persistent in learning.
enis E.

Control how you learn and progress

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Interactive courses

The course content is engaging with visual and audio format for easy and quick understanding.

Practical Approach

Implementing interactive learning experience that is coupled with hands-on assignments. 

Live Discussion

Participate in our live classes, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, and get help with your journey.


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our team

All of our instructors are highly qualified, and certified professionals in their field. 
We pride ourselves on having instructors who are experienced professionals as well as passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to quit my job in order to learn Salesforce?  

Not recommended. However, if your salary is less and workload is heavy then, you might consider quitting.

Is Salesforce an ideal option to start a job in IT?

As Salesforce is a Low-Code/No-Code platform that does not necessarily require coding skills, it stands out as an ideal option that can lead you into a high paying IT job.

Do you offer free trial period?

Yes, we offer 4-weeks free trial period. If you need to cancel your enrollment, you will get your money refunded. 

Do you offer a job guarantee?

As it is the case with any valid institution, we do not provide job guarantee. However, as long as you complete all the program requirements, you will get multiple job offers after graduation.

Will I be working at Salesforce?

You can work not only at Salesforce, but any of the 150,000+ companies who uses Salesforce.

Can I learn this myself?

As with anything else you can also learn Salesforce yourself: If you have a strong CRM background, motivation, and discipline. 

What is the cost of the program?

For the latest information about the cost and program start date, please contact the institution.

What are the career opportunities of the program? 

After graduating from the program you will be qualified to apply for: Salesforce Developer, Salesforce App Builder, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce QA Engineer, and Salesforce Business Analyst positions. 

Are lessons recorded?

Once you join the program you will be given access to all the lesson recordings so that you can rewatch them as needed.

How can I access lesson recordings?

All lesson recordings will be uploaded into your unique account for an easy access.